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The Most Eye-Opening Marketing Stats 2022

The value of great marketing is priceless. By definition, marketing is the act of promoting and selling products, but it also includes market research and advertising. Every business must market itself from the outset, with experts agreeing companies of any size should allocate 10-12% of gross revenue to marketing. Allocating that revenue to the most effective strategies is essential.

For example, small businesses and startups tend to focus on the low expense, high-return tactics like email marketing and social media. Email marketing generates £42 for every £1 spent, so it's a no-brainer. Established brands with more revenue might focus on SEO, in-person events, and PPC.

With that in mind, let's look at some of the most eye-opening marketing statistics and what business and marketing leaders can learn from them.

95% Of Exhibitors Prefer In-Person To Virtual Events

The pandemic launched the business world into the virtual realm - and many businesses want it to stay that way. But, with in-person events, 95% of exhibitors prefer in-person events to virtual ones. They're engaging, build on the emotional connection consumers need to have with brands and are an excellent strategy for building brand awareness. The only drawback to in-person events is the setup and execution, but that's where specialist event staff come into play - check out, for instance.

45% Of Businesses Don't Have A Digital Marketing Strategy

Much of the business world is now digital and virtual, with many brands having a digital sales strategy that focuses solely on eCommerce. Surprisingly, however, only 45% have a digital marketing strategy. According to HubSpot, it's essential to have a digital marketing strategy so consumers can learn about a brand. Every brand with a digital presence should focus on marketing strategies like social media, influencer marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and SEO, to name a few.

Video Content Is 50x More Likely To Drive Organic Traffic

The saying content is king has long been related to text content - but the new king is video content. Statistics state that by the end of 2022, online videos will make up 85% of consumer internet traffic. Why? Because videos are far more effective for marketing and consuming content in general. According to research, we retain 95% of the information from a video and only 10% from text. Incorporating video content into an online content marketing strategy is now essential.

75% Of Marketers Say Social Media Marketing Has Created More Traffic

Social media is, without a doubt, one of the best platforms for marketing. It's inexpensive; it's easy to outreach to all audiences - LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram all have different demographics - and it's easy to do. It's also part of the omnichannel sales strategy - combining social media marketing with social media shopping links has propelled many brands towards success.

Companies That Blog Get 55% More Web Traffic

Companies that blog have more chances of connecting with consumers, spreading brand awareness, and sharing informative content that makes a brand more trustworthy. Content creation companies make it easy for brands to deliver targeted and valuable content that generates more web traffic - it's wise to include blogging in all digital marketing strategies.

There are plenty more marketing statistics that help guide brands towards more effective and up-to-date strategies that work. Consumer needs are constantly evolving, and so do the marketing strategies. The best strategies are the ones that consider the needs of the consumer, from where they shop to how they're most likely to retain information.