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Safe Replacements to Asbestos

Asbestos spread very quickly throughout the UK, developing as one of the country’s top building materials due to its durability and insulating properties effectively. However, many people have stopped using them simply because they are known to cause a respiratory disease called Asbestosis. It is regarded as a chronic, serious and non-cancerous respiratory disease. It is caused when one inhales asbestos as the lung tissue scar because of aggravation by the fibres.

Over the years, the use of asbestos has reduced greatly because of the health and environment risks that have been linked with it. The innovation of new technologies to replace them has taken and people have come up with alternatives that are considered safe. These new alternatives include;

What are the new alternatives to asbestos?

Cellulose fibres

This is an alternative to asbestos use that is very popular. The cellulose fibres are created from shredded newsprint that has been finely and chemically treated for increased fire resistance levels. It is mainly composed of 5% content that is recycled which makes a good alternative for environmental conservation. It is known to reduce the energy costs by a 30% average in a year.

Polyurethane foam

This is a spray product that is mainly used in materials for roofing like insulation. The foam typically combines plastic and rubber qualities that are the best. The bubbles that get trapped in the polyurethane foam create a heat conductor that is poor and therefore, offers quality and excellent heat resistant.

Thermoset plastic flour

Wood flour and other cheap fillers are used to fill the thermoset plastics. This provides good insulation and strength balance. The cheap cost of use for this alternative makes an ideal method in the construction industry. It can also be used as a replacement to asbestos for insulation of heat, cold and sound.

Flour fillers

This alternative material uses natural resources to make a filler for cracks which is helpful in natural insulation. The materials can include flour, rice flour and ash, wheat flour and pecan shell which are all obtained from natural sources. It is considered a green alternative as it doesn’t present any harmful hazards.

Amorphous silica Fabrics

There are high-temperature materials that are utilised for insulation and protection industries. They are preferred for use in shipyards, aerospace and electrical industries. In these industries, the fabrics have replaced similar products that used to contain asbestos.

Asbestos survey

This is simply a visual inspection of any property. Samples of materials suspected to have asbestos are taken by a surveyor and taken to a lab for testing. The asbestos survey is done to determine the presence or absence of asbestos fibres in these materials. An asbestos survey is mainly done as a normal routine in real estate business that may include demolition or renovation.

The alternative materials for asbestos are readily available. It is important for people to utilise them in an effort to conserve the environment as well as reduce health risks to themselves.