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How to Improve Staff Retention In 2020

As we enter a new year, you likely have new goals for your business and for your workforce. With 2020 fast approaching, it’s important to look at how you can continue to build on your company’s culture and community. This often comes down to staff retention, and how it can be improved.

Retaining your staff can be critical as many companies compete for the best staff in the industry, especially if you are in a crowded market. Staff retention can result in a number of benefits for the business, including better productivity and organisation and high employee morale; all because you have a stable and experienced team in place.

Businesses have the opportunity to build a team of people who truly want to be there and who are focused on contributing to the company’s success. With that in mind, Attic Recruitment take a look at some of the best ways to improve staff retention.

Retention starts from recruitment

Good staff retention starts at the very beginning of the process; recruitment. It’s important that you are hiring people who represent the culture and strategy at the heart of your business. When recruiting for staff at any level, look at the long game.

Consider hiring candidates who have a proven record of staying in jobs for a good length of time; those who jump around could be a cause for concern if you are trying to build a high retention rate.

Ask the right questions in your interview process and learn more about the candidate’s professional and personal background.

Ongoing opportunities

It is important that once you have hired your staff, you are able to offer them a clear progression path. Ongoing opportunities, education and training are key to keeping staff on board. Invest in them and find ways of promoting from within, as this can make employees feel valued.

Whether you invest in training programmes, send staff to conferences or offer courses to help progression, you need to show that you are interested in their professional development. This can help staff get even more out of their job.

Employee benefits and perks

Employee benefits can go a long way, no matter how small the perks may be. In a modern world where remote working and flexibility is more common than ever before, consider ways you can give your staff a better work-life balance.

Other benefits can include the likes of incentives, performance goals and flexibility to ensure your staff feel more engaged and happy in their job; and less likely to leave.

Being open and honest

No matter how big or small the company is, it’s important to be honest with your staff and create a sense of community. This can help to drive a shared purpose within the business to both succeed and to tackle problems as a team.

If your staff feel equal in their ambition to drive the company forward, this can be a huge step in boosting morale in the workplace. What’s more, open-door policies and encouraging staff to ask questions and speak frankly, when necessary, can ensure your employees feel as though their input is being heard and being valued.