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Hydro Ottawa Power Outage, Rates and Login

With the emergence of alternative power solutions, the industrial and technological revolution that we’re in has greatly affected how people get their electricity, and even how some companies are able to provide electricity to those who are needing service. While in the past, it started out that major companies strived more than others, the emergence of local agencies often called co-ops have been able to help bring more people together, as well as increase the economy in numerous ways. One such company that did this is called Hydro Ottawa, and they’re making waves when it comes to the best of them out there.

How Long Has Hydro Ottawa?

Hydro Ottawa was actually one of five different major electric co-ops in the Ottawa area, and they all decided to work together in 2000. They later on acquired a 6th member to their merger, and by doing so, they were able to provide power as a central powerhouse to the entire community of Ottawa, and other surrounding cities, making it one of the largest electric companies that is strictly local to the area.

New Age Technology

With the breaking dawn of new innovative technology like hybrid cars, smart phones and speakers, and renewable energy, Hydro Ottawa wasn’t the first to jump on this and realized its potential to help their customers successfully be able to know what’s going on with their account, as well as have some custom services that most other companies don’t offer. For example, you can actually have the electrical company install a charger port for your home that you can use to save power and charge your hybrid vehicle, as well as download a smart skill for your Amazon Alexa, Google, or Apple products that gives you a lot of statistics about your account, usage, and more.

They’ve also been a major source of helping people to choose and install renewable solar energy into their homes to help the environment, as well as help all of their customers. Should you decide to go with solar power and not go off-grid, you can save a lot on electricity costs, and even get a cutback credit to your account by sharing with the grid to provide other people renewable energy as well. This is a great way to help others out too, because not everyone has renewable energy, and this makes it so that less natural resources are being used by the power plants just to make that precious electricity that many people need to thrive in today’s busy and well-lit world.


If you live in the area of Ottawa and like the ability to be somewhat self-reliable like most of us, you can choose them as your primary electricity company to get your life lit up! They even offer numerous advice columns and tips to help you lower your electricity, or even your other utility costs, and even have teams that are in place to help you keep your power lines clear, and even offer weatherization services to ensure that your home is being well-kept so you can have the lowest energy bills possible.