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Hydro Ottawa Power Outage, Rates and Login With the emergence of alternative power solutions, the industrial and technological revolution that we’re in has greatly affected how people get their electricity, and even how some companies are able to provide electricity to those who are needing service. While in the past, it started out that major companies strived more than others, the emergence of local agencies often called co-ops have been able to help bring more people together, as well as increase the economy in numerous ways. One such company that did this is called Hydro Ottawa, and they’re making waves when it comes to the best of them out there.

How Long Has Hydro Ottawa?

Hydro Ottawa was actually one of five different major electric co-ops in the Ottawa area, and they all decided to work together in 2000. They later on acquired a 6th member to their merger, and by doing so, they were able to provide power as a central powerhouse to the entire community of Ottawa, and other surrounding cities, making it one of the largest electric companies that is strictly local to the area.

New Age Technology

With the breaking dawn of new innovative technology like hybrid cars, smart phones and speakers, and renewable energy, Hydro Ottawa wasn’t the first to jump on this and realized its potential to help their customers successfully be able to know what’s going on with their account, as well as have some custom services that most other companies don’t offer. For example, you can actually have the electrical company install a charger port for your home that you can use to save power and charge your hybrid vehicle, as well as download a smart skill for your Amazon Alexa, Google, or Apple products that gives you a lot of statistics about your account, usage, and more.

They’ve also been a major source of helping people to choose and install renewable solar energy into their homes to help the environment, as well as help all of their customers. Should you decide to go with solar power and not go off-grid, you can save a lot on electricity costs, and even get a cutback credit to your account by sharing with the grid to provide other people renewable energy as well. This is a great way to help others out too, because not everyone has renewable energy, and this makes it so that less natural resources are being used by the power plants just to make that precious electricity that many people need to thrive in today’s busy and well-lit world.


If you live in the area of Ottawa and like the ability to be somewhat self-reliable like most of us, you can choose them as your primary electricity company to get your life lit up! They even offer numerous advice columns and tips to help you lower your electricity, or even your other utility costs, and even have teams that are in place to help you keep your power lines clear, and even offer weatherization services to ensure that your home is being well-kept so you can have the lowest energy bills possible.

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Top 7 Accounting Tips for your Small Businesses For any small and medium-sized, the accounting function can be tedious and time-consuming.  If you own a business, it is one of the functions you should pay attention to because it is an important aspect of managing your business. Failing to manage your accounts - including receivables, debt, taxes, and expenses - correctly could cause your business to fail. Applying simple bookkeeping strategies can put your business on the path to success. Here are 7 tips on good accounting practices that your business should embrace for faster business growth:

1. Get someone to provide accounting or book-keeping services

While most small business owners consider themselves fit to head sales, marketing, and accounting functions to cut costs, it helps to get a book-keeper to do accounting. This is critical in ensuring that financial errors that could affect your business are captured early. At the same time, it is relaxing for business owners when a person who has accounting knowledge and experience in handling their books of accounts. For starters, consider hiring a freelancer or on part-time so you don't have to pay a full-time allowance for the services. Where resources allow, you may outsource accounting services to credible firms such as TW Accounting Services. Alternatively, you can get accounting software that allows you to crunch your numbers. 

2. Separate personal accounts from business accounts

While the law does not require business owners to have separate bank accounts, it is advisable not to mix personal funds with money for the business to facilitate tracking of business transactions. When you have a dedicated bank account for your business, you are able to account for every business transaction, even when receipts get misplaced. You can also tell the exact balances in your business account so you avoid overspending. Instead of paying expenses in cash, consider using electronic transfers so you have proof of transaction and reduce dependence on receipts.  

3. Have your bank account reconciled every month

Every month end, ensure that your business accounts are reconciled. If your business has a high number of transactions, consider conducting this exercise more frequently. Reconciling your bank accounts ensures that your accounts are up-to-date and do not get out of control as the business grows. Bank reconciliation also helps in identifying data entry flaws and track any missing transactions. When your financial statements are accurate and your tax reporting is updated, you can be able to monitor how your business is progressing. Bank reconciliation does not have a difficult exercise, have your book-keeper or accountant develop a system that works well for your business. If your budget allows, consider getting an accounting software with features such as daily bank feeds that make bank reconciliation easier and faster.

4. Put 25% of your revenue in a separate, interest-earning account

Setting up a separate account enables you to 'hide' some funds from the day-to-day financial ongoing in a place that is not easy to access. Consider putting at least 25% of your revenue in a separate interest-earning accounts. This helps you manage cash flow and ensures that your business has funds to take care of tax installments when the need arises. This enables you to avoid hefty fines due to non-payment and allows you to earn some income from interest while you are at it.

To get an account that offers good interest rates, build rapport with your bank so they can help you identify a banking product that suits your needs. Identify a specialist business banker to work with you in finding financial solutions that are ideal for your kind of business. Such a business banker will be able to advise and assist you in getting better interest rates, lower bank fees, better loan terms and facilitate long-term financial planning and visioning.

5. Track monthly expenses and income

You can identify areas that are doing well and those that need to be improved in your business by tracking your expenses and incomes using profit and loss statements. For instance, if you realize that your internet or mobile charges are increasing, you can negotiate for better deals with your service providers. You can replicate this with your main suppliers when you have the information. At the same time, maintaining a cash flow statement can give you a broader view of your business expenses and incomes so you see seasonal trends and payment cycles.

Tracking your cash flow trends also allows you to take note of money flow timings in and out of your business. Watching these trends provides insights on times when your business will need more cash and when it will need less cash.  For instance, you may notice that every year, all your business insurance payments fall due around the same time. This can drain your business cash flow if it comes at a time when income levels are low. However, turning your cash flow statement into a planning tool, you can ensure that your business has sufficient funds set aside to take care of such bills.

6. Always prepare a budget

Planning your finances is critical to the success of your business because it ensures that your money is spent prudently. A budget enables you to manage and plan the performance of your business finances. When you compare your budget to actual income and expenditure, you will be able to see where you can save money and where leakages are happening. Ideally, your business budget should enable you to monitor the trends in your industry and seize business opportunities, react to budget shortfalls immediately so you can address budget excesses and develop broader plans with respect to purchase of assets, investments, and employment of more staff.

7. Send invoices to customers promptly

Always send invoices to your customers promptly - most preferably weekly. This is important because the faster you send invoices, the quicker payment will be made. To ensure that this works for your business, consider streamlining your invoicing process so that it is accurate and that invoicing is done on a regular basis. Sending invoices out regularly also enables you to manage your cash flow and lessens the stress of managing your business. Ensure that all the details that your customers require are on the invoice, especially the purchase order number. Address it to the correct person and be sure to include your payment details on each invoice.

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Payroll Taxes in the UK - An Entrepreneur’s Guide Not only have you managed to launch your own business, but you’ve also started making your first hires.

Congratulations! That’s a huge step for any fledgling company.

Taking the next step, from being a one-man-band, to becoming a team does bring certain requirements and responsibilities with it.

Some of these will be more straightforward such as, adapting your workspace, or introducing online team-management software.

However, one of the most important, and perhaps more complex areas relates to the payment of salaries.

Salary is normally high up the list (or at the top) of priorities for new employees, and they will almost certainly expect to be paid in a timely and accurate fashion with all relevant taxes accounted for.

For those entrepreneur’s with little financial background, this can be daunting, but this guide to payroll taxes in the UK should help clarify some of the key aspects.

Read on for more.

PAYE: Pay As You Earn

PAYE (Pay As You Earn) is the method for ensuring your employees pay the right amount of income tax and National Insurance.

With PAYE, tax and National Insurance is deducted from pay packets before they’re issued, so each employee receives a net amount and doesn’t have to pay any further tax on that income.

PAYE is very much universal – you’ll see businesses of all sizes using it as part of their payroll systems.

National Insurance

The principal tax associated with payroll is National Insurance or NI.

NI is the contribution that workers make towards certain state benefits. If you had a job before starting your own business, you’ll have probably paid National Insurance as an employee.

Do note, though, there are different rules for self-employed freelancers – so it is well worth getting up-to-speed. The employee’s contribution is deducted by the employer, from their salary, while the employer’s contribution is an additional cost to the business.

The NI that employees pay depends on their employment status and earnings, as well as whether they have any gaps in their National Insurance record.

At present, an employee’s NI is charged at a rate of 12% or 2% dependent on level of earnings, and employers’ NICs are charged at the rate of 13.8% of the gross salary paid to the employee.

Sound a little complicated? Well, it is manageable, but most business owners find automated PAYE software or use of a small-business specialist accountant preferable to managing their own payroll taxes.

Income tax

Another key tax related to payroll is Income Tax, which is the tax paid on the money earned from employment.

The rate you pay increases as you earn more, although most people have an annual, tax-free allowance.

NB: When managing income tax through PAYE, you should consider every employee’s salary or wages, as well as tips, bonuses, sick pay, or maternity pay.

Other deductions

This isn’t a tax but is something that should be managed as an employer through PAYE.

Firstly, let’s look at student loans.

Students going to university can borrow money from the Government to cover university tuition fees and to help with living costs at university. 

When they finish their course and start working as soon as they earn over a specific threshold, they need to start repaying their student loan and this is paid by the employee as a payroll deduction from gross pay.

Secondly: Pensions.

As a UK based employer, the company must have an auto-enrolment pension scheme in place should its employees wish to join or not (they will be automatically opted in but have the option to opt-out).

Managing PAYE

You need to use PAYE if any of your employees earn in excess of £116 per week, claim expenses or receive employee benefits, or receive pension contributions from you.

Even if you don’t need to use PAYE but you do employ people, you need to be keeping payroll records in any case.

To find out how much income tax to deduct from each employee, you’ll need to know their tax code. The Government has an online tool for finding out an employee’s tax code. This process is slicker if you have their P45 (issued by their previous employer, if they had one).

National Insurance works a little differently, but also uses a code-based system.

Enter each employee’s tax and NI codes into your payroll software, or provide them to your accountant, and the appropriate deductions will be made.

Over the years, we often see business owners making these mistakes with PAYE:

  • Adjustments – not calculating changes in pay, such as pay rises, bonuses or overtime
  • Incorrect details – not outlining expenses, sick pay and pension payments
  • Tax codes – using the wrong codes for employees
  • Employees leaving – forgetting to take them off the payroll.

If you can navigate these pitfalls, your life – and the lives of your staff – will run much more smoothly with regard to HMRC.

If the above all sounds too much – reach out for specialist support from a small-business accountant.

Payroll Taxes in the UK - An Entrepreneur’s Guide

Watching your business grow is exciting and adding to your staff is one of the most thrilling aspects of this.

We admit, it doesn’t come without additional work – and some worry.

However, if you can stay on top of PAYE, as detailed above, you’ll be alright.

Once again – if you’re at all concerned, reach out to a small-business accountancy firm such as Howlader and Co. They can talk you through the requirements in greater detail and set out a plan for managing payroll taxes on your own, or with their support.

Good luck!

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Spouse and British Partner Can Use the Government Home Help Scheme I was asked very recently by a migrant on a Tier 2 General – further leave to remain; “would a settlement application be refused, on the grounds that the Government Home Help Scheme was used to buy “their” (including British Partner) UK first home?”

My advice “No”

And here are the reasons why; The Government Home Help Scheme works and will not affect your spouse’s settlement application;

The Scheme Rules came into effect from 9 November 2016, to help first time Home buyers. By allowing them to place saving into a ISA; a “Individual Savings Account”.

The Spouse, Tier 2 General migrant and British Partner can open an account with any bank, building society or credit union that offers a Help to Buy: ISA accounts.

You both need to be a first time buyer and the property you both are purchasing needs to cost less than the house price cap of £250,000 or less (or £450,000 or less in London).

You’ll be able to open a Help to Buy: ISA until 30 November 2019. After that date they won’t be available to new savers anymore – but if you opened your Help to Buy: ISA before then you can keep saving into your account until 30 November 2029 when accounts will close to additional contributions.

You must claim your bonus by 1 December 2030.

So is the Spouse and British National eligible under the Government Home Help Scheme?

To qualify for a Help to Buy: ISA you must:

  • be 16 or over

  • have a valid National Insurance number

  • be a UK resident or (a) though not resident in the United Kingdom, have general
    earnings from overseas Crown employment subject to United
    Kingdom tax within the meaning given by section 28 of the
    Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003, or
    (b) though not resident in the United Kingdom, are married to or in
    a civil partnership with a person mentioned in paragraph
    (a) above;

  • be a first time buyer, and not own a property anywhere in the world

  • not have another active cash ISA in the same tax year: If you have opened a cash ISA this tax year, you can open a Help to Buy: ISA but will have to take additional steps.

This rule defines clearly that Spouses and common law partners, civil partners can apply under the scheme, without their immigration status being affected.

The Immigration Directorate Instruction Family Migration: Appendix FM Section 1.7 Appendix Armed Forces  Financial Requirement

August 2017, does not list the Government Home Help Scheme as a benefits or allowances in the UK.

benefits or allowances in the UK are;

• Carer’s Allowance.

• Disability Living Allowance.

• Severe Disablement Allowance.

• Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit.

• Attendance Allowance.

• Personal Independence Payment.

• Armed Forces Independence Payment or Guaranteed Income Payment under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

• Constant Attendance Allowance, Mobility Supplement or War Disablement Pension under the War Pensions Scheme.

• Police Injury Pension.

The above factors confirm that the Tier 2 General migrant, spouse nor civil partner will lose the right to settle as an applicant under the Government Home Buyers Scheme.

If your immigration status has been affected by the Government Home Buyers Scheme contact me today…on …… 01634 828288.

Alternatively, if you are in the UK on a immigration status prior to settlement and have been under the Government Home Buyer Scheme, let me know..on 01634 828288, better still email me on

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11 Common Leadership Myths You Should Never Believe C:\Users\Edwin\Pictures\shutterstock_141035512_2.jpg

There is so much misconception about leadership. Some of these misconceptions are about what leadership is, who can lead, personalities of people better suited to be leaders, and so on.

It is so widespread that, for the uninformed, it is easy to believe and act on these myths in their leadership capacities. Even worse, these myths appear to be validated by statistics out there.

In this article, you will discover eleven of such myths you’ve probably believed and allowed to drive your leadership philosophy and actions. You will also get to know to why they are false and why should not believe them anymore.

1. Leaders are born not made

The biggest and most common leadership myth of all is that some people are born to be leaders while others are not.

To debunk this myth is easy. Ask yourself, what do leaders do and what does it take to do the things they do?

  • Leaders articulate a vision – it takes the ability to reflect and think.

  • Leaders communicate their vision – it takes communication skills.

  • Leaders set goals – it takes thinking and analytical skills.

  • Leaders create and empower teams – it takes communication skills.

  • Leaders facilitate meetings - It takes thinking and analytical skills.

  • Leaders make decisions – it takes decision-making skills.

Just to mention a few. These are skills anyone can learn. So, the belief that leaders are born is clearly a myth. Leadership is a skill, not a genetic talent.

2. To excel in leadership, you must be charismatic

This particular leadership myth is made popular by movies and the mass media’s insatiable appetite for celebrity leaders.

Charisma is never a leadership prerequisite. For instance, charisma is useless when you are leading people on a mission that all of you might never return alive.

To further lend credence to the fact that charisma is not a core leadership requirement, Jim Collins writes in his groundbreaking book that took five years of painstaking research, Good to Great, “We were surprised, shocked really, to discover the type of leadership required for turning a good company into a great one. Compared to high-profile leaders with big personalities who make headlines and become celebrities, the good-to-great leaders seem to have come from Mars. Self-effacing, quiet, reserved, even shy – these leaders are a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will. They are more like Lincoln and Socrates than Patton or Caesar.”

3. Extroverts are better leaders

Many people think that the outgoing nature of some people make them better leaders than people who are shy and withdrawn.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

As discovered by Jim Collins above, introvert leaders even did better than their extrovert counterparts in the study Collins and his team carried out.

People who are better leaders have better character, are competent in their subject areas, and make many good decisions – temperament or disposition is not part of the equation.

4. Leadership is commanding and controlling people

This particular myth is fueled by people’s misconception of the military’s mode of operation.

Many people think leadership involves sitting at an elevated seat dishing out edicts and commands that must be carried out without question.

On the contrary, leaders take inputs from others, seek information, ask questions, carry others along, illicit cooperation, and get buy-in before deciding on the next course of action.

5. Leaders are superior to the people they lead

This leadership myth in entrenched in many power structures across many organizations. A look at their organization charts tells the story.

This “boss mentality” sees the led as subordinates who must carry out what they say without question. But in reality, this is not the case. The real power lies with the people you serve.

True leaders see themselves as first among equals.

6. Men are better leaders than women

This is another version of leaders are born myth. Genetics or gender has nothing to do with your ability to lead.

Leadership is a skill which means that it can be learned.  As the leadership training firm, Mantle NZ puts it, “To develop as a leader and as a person, we need to be active learners. This involves recognising when new behaviours, skills or attitudes are needed and accepting responsibility for developing them.”

Simply because majority of people in leadership position are men doesn’t mean they are better leaders than women.

There are women in different industries and professions who are better leaders than men, just as there are men in many professions who are better leaders than women.

7. Great leaders don’t fail

This is another leadership myth popularized by popular action movies – heroes never fail or die.

Leaders are normal humans that are bound to fail.

History is replete with great leaders who failed woefully before they finally succeeded. Abraham Lincoln is a prime example; his failures are well documented in the annals of history.

8. It is the leader’s job to come up with ideas, answers, and solutions

Many people erroneously view leaders as all-knowing magicians who have answers to everything.

As a matter of fact, leaders don’t usually know the answers. They often discover the answers by tapping into the collective knowledge of their team.

They are more of Socratic moderators than a Delphic Oracle.

9. You must reach a certain age before you can become a leader

Young people are often stereotyped as not yet old enough to be leaders.

As a result, many young people accept that they have to get to a certain age before they can start or lead an organization or movement.

But it is not supposed to be so, because age doesn’t determine if someone can lead or not. No one expects an eleven-year old to lead a Fortune 500 organization, but he or she can lead in his class at school.

Alexander the Great was 20 when he became king. Mark Zuckerberg is in his early 30s and he leads a multi-billion dollar firm.  

10. People in leadership positions are leaders

Another misconception about leadership is the belief that a position or title makes a leader.

Unknown to many people, those occupying leadership positions in different organizations and entities may have made it there through manipulation or appointed nepotically. The title or position doesn’t hand leadership qualities to them.

In an organization, leaders can be found on the ground floor just as they can be found in the executive suite.

True leadership is earned through hard work, character, continuous learning, everyday improvement, and persistence.

11. Leaders don’t have to work; they just delegate

This leadership myth is another brand of “the boss” mentality. Many people see leaders as people who don’t get their hands dirty with work, all they do is delegate and allow their followers to do the “dirty” work.

But true leaders lead from the front; they lead by example. Sure, they delegate, but that’s because they can’t do everything not because they don’t have to do anything.

There goes the eleven most widespread myths of leadership, which of them have you been believing all along? It’s time to banish them and follow timeless truths so you can become the great leader you can be.

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5 Essentials For Kitting Out A New Office So, you have just moved into a new office and all your employees are motivated and happy, but there’s something missing…décor. Decorating your office is one of the most exciting parts of moving, despite how stressful you might find it. Not only does it make your office look great and professional for all your clients and staff, but having a nice, comfortable place to work in will make your employees more productive – which is what every CEO wants, right? But, hey, we understand that this all has to fit under your budget, so to get started, here are 5 essentials you should have to kit out your new office!

  1. Recycled furniture

Your office needs furniture – that’s a given. However, just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean that you can’t have nice furniture. In fact, it means just the opposite. With companies like Coggin Group, you can buy recycled furniture for a low price which is in great condition – almost as if you were buying it brand new. They offer all sorts of pieces from sofas, to desk chairs, to storage. Ensuring your employees have a good chair to sit on when working and a place to relax when taking a break is important for the success of your business.

  1. Break Room Items

If you have space, it is nice to have a room which isn’t related to work one bit. You and your staff need somewhere to relax, take a breather from work and chill out with colleagues. Having a room with a few magazines, drinks (non-alcoholic, of course), maybe some games and a sofa is a great way to not only making your staff feel appreciated and comfortable but is also a nice place for any clients to wait before meetings.

  1. Quick Internet

Having a super, speedy internet connecting is essential for your office. Obviously, it depends on different types of companies, but in this day and age, the internet is used all the time and having a slow connection not only frustrates people, but it means you won’t be able to get as much done during the workday. This should ultimately be a top priority before getting everyone settled in.

  1. Whiteboards

This may seem different now that we do everything digitally, but sometimes all you and your team needs is a little break from technology. If you find that you have a lot of meetings within your business, then sometimes it’s good to have a brainstorm on whiteboards which everyone can contribute towards. It’s a lot more interactive and allows everyone to see the plan in detail and work together.

  1. Good Lighting

Hopefully, before finding a new office, you thought about natural lighting. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to work in dim areas and you definitely don’t want your staff to either. If there are corners which can get relatively dark during the day (specifically throughout winter), make sure you invest in a few lamps and bright light bulbs to ensure that your staff are always working under good lighting conditions. Working under dim lights not only can affect the overall mood in the office but can be very uncomfortable and strain your eyes. Having natural light can motivate people and enable them to work more productively which is the ultimate aim for your company, right?

It might take a while for your office to look the way you envision it to look, but you can start by making it comfortable for your staff. Being in a new office is exciting, but you have to make sure that it is in good condition for your staff and clients. Once that’s done, you can think about decorating it more as time goes on.  

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How Can You Select an Ideal Debt Consolidation Agency? According to, people who belong to the age bracket of 35-40 years, carry huge debt amounts. One of the most significant problems that the consumers are constantly facing is being in debt. Debt is known to make the life extremely difficult for each and every person. However, it is an extremely complex and long process to resolve the oppressive load of debt. During these situations, most people opt for debt consolidation loans. Finding a proper debt consolidation company is undoubtedly a difficult task but if you take all the correct decisions, you are going to get back on an appropriate track. Consumers start looking for help in the market, which is extremely crowded. It is not a difficult task to become confused or overwhelmed by the various terminology as well as products that are offered by the debt consolidation companies. Moreover, when you are already in stress, it is extremely easy to become prey to all the predatory lenders that are there in the market and take a wrong decision. This is why it is crucial that you educate yourself and carry on a significant quantity of research before you choose a particular debt consolidation company.

A number of companies that are present in this huge marketplace are going to make the debt consolidation loans look like the fastest and easiest possible methods. However, you should know that this is definitely not the case. It is the duty of the consumers to be watchful and vigilant for the companies that are known to describe the various processes in this manner. It is extremely important that the consumers look for the honest and reputable companies for working with them before they start the process of consolidating their loans.

In order to choose the right debt consolidation companies, you need to be aware of certain important things. Given below is a list of the important things that you should consider before you select your debt consolidation company.

Checking for the agency affiliations

The debt consolidation companies that are reputable are normally associated with the industry associations. If any company is a part of the industry associations, you can be assured that it is definitely one of the best places to start.

Checking for the non-profit status

Few of the great non-profit debt consolidation organizations are known to exist in the market. It is extremely important that the potential customers carry out research about the companies that they are selecting especially if they are claiming to be a non-profit organization. You need to understand that a company that is actually non-profit will provide a certificate to the customer as a proof. If you are requesting the documentation of non-profit but you see that the organization is hesitating to provide it to you or cannot provide it at all, you should definitely be suspicious about it. You should know that the non-profit organizations that are legitimate will not hesitate to show the credentials. This is a company that you should select and not select the one that is hesitating to prove that it is definitely a non-profit organization.

Staying away from the companies that claim a religious affiliation

Few of the debt consolidation companies have been trying to attract consumers by claiming that they have religious affiliations. When a company supports a particular religion, they are basically trying to build the trust and make the consumers feel a lot more comfortable about starting their business without hesitating because of the similar religious beliefs that they have. Unfortunately, it is important to understand that all these organizations are not at all genuine in the belief that they have.

It is crucial that the consumers look for the debt consolidation companies, which are holding up to research and scrutiny and provide solutions that will meet the requirements of the different kinds of consumers. You cannot forget to compare the fees as well as the other costs that are involved.

Things you need to be careful about

The consumers, who have chosen a particular debt consolidation company in order to consolidate their debts, need to ask certain questions that are extremely important, to the organization. It is the responsibility of the consumers to make the final decision and say yes only when they are comfortable and they get all the required answers.

It is crucial that the consumers exercise caution in case if they come across the following signs of warning. You can go through the debt consolidation review before coming to any conclusion.

Bait and switch

A number of debt consolidation organizations and known to attract their potential consumers by advertising the debt consolidation products but they tend to move to other products as soon as the potential consumers have contacted them. This is referred to as the bait and switch strategy. It is crucial that each and every consumer remains careful about the tiny details and they should also ask numerous questions until and unless they are completely satisfied. It is true that debt consolidation is one of the most straightforward processes of combining all your withstanding debts into only a single loan with a single payment at the end of the month. If you see that the lender is explaining something completely different, it is time that you step backward.

Making the deal as fast as possible

It is crucial that you understand that there can never be quick answers or solutions for the debt problem of a particular consumer. If the debt consolidation organization that you have selected is constantly forcing you to sign up for their company, it is one of the biggest warning signs that you should not do so. It is the responsibility of the consumers to discuss the debt consolidation loans with numerous companies before a final decision is taken. Moreover, a reputed company is never going to pressurize or rush the consumers to take their decision immediately.


It is crucial that when you are choosing a debt consolidation company you take care of the various aspects that have been mentioned above or chances are that you are going to be cheated. If you find a reputed debt consolidation organization, you can be assured that you are not going to face any problem and your debts will be cleared soon.

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Reasons To Use Credit Counseling And Debt Relief Companies To help you with your debts that are slowly but surely turning out to be unmanageable you may wonder what is wrong in your debt management plan and whether or not you need any help from the experts. Well, managing debt and keeping it within your limits is not an easy task. It is not only tedious but you will need constant monitoring, reviewing and analyzing your progress. You will also need to make amendments in your plans and budgeting so that there do have shortage of funds or do not fall behind your repayment schedule. This is where the experience and expertise of a credit counseling and debt relief organization comes handy.

Though debt problem is a very private issue and most people will rather deal it on their own, these companies do not go on advertising your situation to others either. Therefore, you are wrong if you think that hiring their service is a bad idea and will be a sheer waste of money and effort. In fact, if you hire a debt relief or credit counseling company or charity even for that matter, you will be better off knowing your debt, your progress and be able to achieve a successful resolution to your debt problem.

Talk out a solution

Talking is always good to find out an effective solution for any type of problem whether it is alcohol or drug addiction or your debt. It has been proven time and again that talking over your problems takes away the stress and there are multiple options and avenues opening up.

Talking will significantly increase the chances of resolving your debt issue. This process is beneficial provided you speak to a sympathetic listener. Ideally, this process is actually going to help your own thought process when you order your thoughts and explain your financial situation to an expert having expertise in your specific issues.

Talking to an experienced debt counselor you will find a number of other benefits as well such as:

  • They will be accustomed with your type of situation and therefore will not be surprised when you speak to them much unlike your friends and colleagues.
  • You will not be nervous while talking to them about your debt problems and your secrets will be kept within them and not passed on to others.
  • Bound by a confidentiality agreement you will be able to have non-judgmental advice and suggestions that will help you and take you a long way in your debt settlement venture.
  • Since they have a detailed knowledge of debt law and also the debt resolution processes and the normal practices you will have a more leveled playing field and expert guidance.
  • They will not be intimidated with the creditor and will be able to speak to any specialist departments within the organizations. These departments will be more comfortable dealing with debt advisors rather than directly with you.

The credit counseling company or the debt adviser will often have a greater authority to speak to these departments within the creditor organization. They will stand a better chance to obtain a better debt relief solution that these departments have the direct authority to remit. All this means that you will stand a better chance to get a better debt relief.

That reason why these professionals are more receptive to these departments is trust. They are more often than not told by the debtors that they are unable to make payments anymore but they suspect of being duped often as well.  

If you work with a reputable debt advisor these departments think that your case is well reviewed by the expert, your budget analyzed properly, and believe when they say that their client is unable to make the payments. Apart from this obvious fact they also know that the commonly practiced intimidation tactics followed by the collection agents to obtain payments will not have any effect whatsoever on the debt advisor.

Get fast relief

When you work with a professional credit counselor, a reputable debt advisor or a successful debt settlement company you will be able to resolve your debt problem fast and not face any stress along the way. Therefore, if you have not working with any yet you can click here to know more about debt settlement companies and debt advisers and find one suitable for your needs.

The debt relief counseling services will offer you with different debt relief programs and services that will help you to manage, pay, reduce and even eliminate large amount of debts in quick time.

Their effective and tried solutions will even lower the monthly payment immediately and significantly whether it is a secured or unsecured loan thereby reducing your financially stressful condition by a considerable margin.

The good things aboiut it

The good thing about hiring such debt relief services is that these are:

  • Easy to avail and access and therefore you can sign up with them anytime you want to know whether or not you qualify to enroll and undergo a specific program
  • You will get easy and effective solution to any type of financial situation through their efficient service and effective programs
  • Through such kind of services you will get the best help and guidance to resolve your money and debt problem preventing you from filing for bankruptcy or go through debt consolidation process
  • You will learn more about your finances from such expert counseling services and know about all your options available to deal with your debts
  • The advice, evaluation, solutions and suggestions will help you in budgeting and financial planning so that you can save more money to pay off your debts and most importantly
  • You will not have to continue making minimum payments every month and eventually do no good to your finances.

Therefore, to ease your financial troubles choose these agencies and companies irrespective of the type of lean you want to pay off. Sometimes you will also get no cost guidance on debt consolidation and other options apart from financial counseling. Therefore, do not overlook these competent, knowledgeable and experienced experts.

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Debt Relief- Choosing Between Credit Counseling and Debt Consolidation Being in debt is undoubtedly an extremely stressful situation, which no one wants to go through. However, during certain situations, it becomes extremely important to take a loan from the financial institutions like banks or the credit unions. It has been observed that due to a number of personal as well as financial issues, a number of people are not able to clear off all their debts easily. This creates a bad situation, especially when that particular person owes more in comparison to what he is earning each month. When you are paying for all the other bills, it is your duty to ensure whether the debts are being paid correctly and on time. Even though you might think that you will never be able to get out of your withstanding debt, the truth is that there are a few options, which will allow you to get out of the financial crisis that you are in. Going for the different debt relief programs that are suitable with the requirements that you have, is one of the best options that you have for clearing your debts. Before doing anything else, you need to have a proper knowledge about different debt relief options that are there.

Credit counseling

An important option that you can consider is credit counseling, which is known as consumer credit counseling. Numerous credit counseling agencies are available both locally as well as online. You need to know that the best credit counseling agencies are the ones that do not charge anything. When you decide to contact a particular credit counseling agency, chances are that the counselor will spend almost an hour to discuss the financial problems that you are in. The agencies that are the best will not charge anything for this particular service.

Depending on the seriousness of the financial problems that you have, your credit counselor can recommend a structured debt management plan or a DMP. In this plan, the counselor is responsible for determining the amount that you are capable of paying, and then he will negotiate the creditors, to whom you owe money, on behalf of you. In some of the cases, the counselor can also attempt to make negotiations for reducing the rates of interest. If all the creditors or most of them agree to the debt management plan, you can stop paying them money. Instead, you have to send a monthly payment to the counseling agency, which will then distribute the payment to the creditors on basis of the agreed debt management plan.

A disadvantage that you should know about a debt management plan is that it takes almost 5 years for completion. Chances are that you will be giving up all the credit cards and you also have to control the urge to take a new credit card unless the plan has been completed. These are considered to be the biggest and most significant reasons as to why half of the debtors cannot complete the debt management plan successfully, because they are unable to control the urge of taking up a new credit card.

However, the benefit that is associated with this debt relief option is also something that you should know about. Your monthly payment is going to become lower in comparison to the total payments that you are constantly making. Also, your creditors are not going to harass you at any cost and you will not get unwanted calls from your credit company. You can click here to know more about debt relief.

Debt consolidation programs

Consolidating all the withstanding debts into a single manageable account is what debt consolidation is all about. The main objective of a debt consolidation program is eliminating the debts that have a high rate of interest and ensure that the payments at the end of every month are reduced significantly, thereby allowing you to think about only a single payment. However, this does not affect the total balance. Debt consolidation is only responsible for shifting all the debts within a single account.

You have the option of consolidating the debts by taking loans from financial institutions like banks, credit unions, or certain other sources. If you are the owner of your home and have equity, chances are that you will also qualify for the home equity loans or the homeowner equity lines of credit, and you can use these funds for paying all the other debts. These are referred to as the security loans because it is important that you keep them secured by making use of the equity within your home, as collateral. Home equity loans are also referred to as the second mortgages. No matter what you choose, you are going to lower the monthly payment in comparison to the total amount that you were paying at the end of each month. The interest rates on the debt consolidation loans tend to vary between 5% and 36%, as stated by

You can also get a personal or unsecured loan if you are not the owner of your home. However, the payment is not going to be as low as the payment that you would have got with the home equity loans. Debt consolidation is undoubtedly a great get relief option that you can consider as you will be able to avoid the debt collection agencies and the creditors, who keep on harassing you constantly. It is your duty that you do not take up a new loan or chances are that you will again go back to the same position from where you have started, and you will again struggle to make the payments.


While there are other debt relief options as well, credit counseling and debt consolidation programs are appropriate for a number of debtors. Before choosing anyone, you should have a sound knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with them as well as the time that both of them are going to take for clearing off your debts. However, you need to understand that even you have to be extremely disciplined so that you do not go back to the same financial problems from where you have just been released.

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Things to Consider while Applying for Loans Borrowing is always considered to be a troublesome affair, not just in terms of finding an apt lender, but also to get it approved and until it is paid off fully. However, sometimes it becomes a necessity for individuals and businesses to borrow money to meet up with financial urgencies. In this article, we are discussing some essential aspects of money lending, which a borrower should know in order to ensure a hassle-free borrowing experience.

Different types of money lending to consider

There are various types of money lenders available in the financial market, which one can choose based your needs and priorities. Ranging from the most conventional mode of bank loans to the most advanced online lending, it is not a difficult task for one to reach to the apt lender and choose the right solution for your financial purpose in hand. Let’s discuss a few top options for individuals and businesses to consider.

  1. Banks

Applying for a bank loan is the simplest and conventional mode of availing funds for personal and business purposes. Even though, this it the simplest mode of fundraising, a bank loan are not accessible to everyone at all times. By utilizing a bank loan, one borrows money for a particular period. In fact, now banks are offering specific loan products with clear-cut terms and conditions, which makes it is easier for consumers to choose the most appropriate loan product. It is essential to have a good credit score to get a bank loan approved, and some loans require a personal guarantee or collateral security too for approval.

  1. The line of credit for businesses

Most of the times the need for quick funding is mostly for the businessmen, where the ideal business line of credit can be of help. This process works almost the same as a business credit card. Rather than availing a fixed amount in funding, the borrowers are given free access to funds from which they can withdraw as much money as needed within the agreed upon maximum amount. However, unlike usage of credit cards, interest rates of such business lines of credit are much smaller. These types of money lending may involve collaterals too regarding personal or business assets.

  1. Government loans

In the United States of America, there are many government sector money lenders, mostly Federal agencies like the U.S. Small Business Administration. These lenders offer easy terms to the borrowers with an objective of rural development, promotion of small business, ensuring the personal care of the lower financial class, etc. With these government-backed projects, individuals can borrow funds from banks or other authorized lenders, but agencies like SBA will act as a third-party to extend the credit and aid in repayment to the needy.

Similarly, there are plenty of other ways too for individual and business money lending as factoring, secured and unsecured loans, payday loans, credit cards, etc. to choose based on the need of the situation. One should be very careful and informative while planning to avail a loan and approach a money lender for this purpose.

Some warning signs to check for while choosing money lenders

As we have seen earlier, there are many ways to get a loan through Liberty Lending USA. Many times, it becomes a necessity for people to get a personal or business loan. So, it is essential to carefully consider the available lending options to identify whom to be contacted in case of a need to get a loan. Further, we will discuss some specific things one should check to identify the reliable lenders among many faulty lenders also in the lending scenario.

It is true that, as in case of any other sectors, there are a lot of fraudsters also in the money lending industry, aiming at looting the prospects. One primary thing to keep an eye on is that most of these fraudulent lenders are focusing now on online money lending, which makes it easier for them to do shadow operations. You can obviously look for online loans as there are a man good options, but be cautioned about the scammers to stay away. Here are some warning signs to consider.

Loan without any document

Stay alert if someone puts forth any too good to be true type dream offers. Primarily, the lenders are into this business to explore the scope of offering loan to collect back additional interest over time. For this, the only way to look for the dependability of the borrowers is by checking their documents and history. So, if you find any providers offering loans without document verification, there is a fair chance that it may be a scam.

No credit check

This is another attractive tagline many fraudster lenders use to lure the preys. The creditworthiness of an applicant needs to be assessed by crosschecking the credit score of the individual. Banks and other authorized lending institutions do a mandatory check of the credit rating. If any lenders tell you that there is no need for a credit check to approve a loan, then there is something fishy.

Need for an upfront fee

There are many cases reported like the lenders asking for a processing fee upfront, and once if it is paid the borrowers, the lender simply vanishes in the online ocean, untraceable. In case of genuine lenders, there may not be a need to pay an upfront processing fee. Fraudulent lenders may ask you to make a transfer first to their bank account to validate the transaction or as a processing fee, with which you need to be alerted.

Asking for credit card info

As the scam of collecting upfront fee is known by most of the people, frauds have adopted a new method of asking for the credit or debit card information of the applicants to use as collateral for the loan. Even though they promise not to touch your money, you will find your accounts getting swept the next moment you share the info. Genuine lenders may not want you to share any of your personal credit card information like the number or password etc.

While you are on loan or applying for one, it is also essential to check your credit reports from time to time to make sure that no entries are coming in it without your knowledge. Online loan scams are increasing in numbers, and the fraud players are always hunting for their soft targets. So, always be cautioned while planning to go for money lending.

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Debt Consolidation Loan – Different Methods and Their Pros and Cons According to figures released by the US Consumer Finance Protection Bureau at the end of 2017, there has been an increase of 9% in average credit card debt over the last couple of years. More worryingly, as per the average balances of credit cardholders with poor credit scores increased at a faster rate (26%) in the same period. What this essentially means is that more and more people leveraging credit card debt are finding it difficult to repay their dues on time.

Consolidating Debts to Manage Outstanding Dues

Examining the possibility of getting a consolidation loan is a good idea if you have a reasonably good credit score as if it is done properly, you can not only escape the wrath of your creditors but also save substantially on the interest and other expenses. Essentially, debt consolidation is just one method of refinancing your debts. You obtain a new loan that is the sum of all the debts that you have and use it to repay them; typically, these debts can not only be credit card dues but also personal loans, payday loans or any other expense that you have incurred but not paid up.

There are multiple ways of consolidating debts; some common one examined:

Home Equity Line of Credit

If you have built up substantial equity in your home, refinancing it to access funds can make eminent sense as the rate of interest is typically very low as the property itself is available as collateral. Instead of taking out a second mortgage, you can also consider a home equity line of credit (HELOC) that can save you a fortune in interest expense as there is a massive difference between the typical home equity loan interest rate and the rate charged by the credit cards. You can also possibly get a tax deduction on the interest paid on the home loan that you would not have been able to take advantage of when paying back credit card dues. The main disadvantage is that if you default on the loan repayment due to any reason, you might end up losing your home. If you opt for a variable rate of interest, you should also keep in mind that the current low rate can change and throw all your calculations out of gear.

Credit Card Balance Transfer

If you have been paying your monthly credit card dues on time, you can always ask the card issuer to reduce their rate of interest on new purchases and waive the annual fees. You can also take advantage of balance transfer offer schemes that typically allow you an interest-free period of 18-24 months. The advantage of a balance transfer offer is that you can really save huge on the interest. The deal can be made sweeter if you can negotiate a waiver of the usual balance transfer fees. Balance transfers work out the best if you can repay all your debt in the interest-free period, else you will need to identify another card with a similar scheme before the current promotion ends.

Using Retirement Funds

Taking a loan from your IRA can be very attractive since the rate of interest is pretty low and may also be zero if you pay back the money within 60 days. It is unwise to borrow against your retirement funds in case you need the repayment period to be a long one because of multiple ramifications; not only do you not earn any interest on the borrowed funds but also can be slapped with taxes and penalties that make the cost of the funds more expensive. However, these loans are very easy to avail of by those with poor credit scores as no examination of credit history is required. It is best not to use IRA funds unless you are absolutely certain that you can pay it back within 60 days as otherwise penalties and taxes will become applicable.

Personal Loans from Family and Friends

Asking for money from family and friends can be fraught with danger even though they are easily among the cheapest sources of funds. While you can give your family an interest rate that is better than what they had been earning from their banks, things can go sour if you are not able to repay them on time or even before time if there is a sudden demand. Family and friends may find it difficult to say no to you and this can cause strains in your relationships. It is important to get professional tax advice as the interest income in the hands of your lenders may be taxable and they will have to account for it. It is a good idea to draw up a professionally drafted agreement to prevent confusion regarding rights and obligations on either side.

Loans from Institutional Lenders

Even though banks and credit unions have some of the lowest cost funds, they are typically averse to lending for private use unless you have been a model customer for years. The extent of the paperwork is large and the time taken to process loan applications can be quite long since they have very strict lending policies and requirement of good credit scores for approving loans.

Getting debt consolidation loans from private lenders can be extremely quick and painless. If you have a good credit score, the rate of interest will enable you to save a packet and you can also restructure a longer repayment period to make the monthly payment more affordable. However, it is very important to deal only with reputable lenders so that you get a fair and transparent deal and not get scammed with high rates of interest and needless charges and fees even before the loan is approved.


While it is extremely important to make the right choice for consolidating your debts, it is even more important to analyze and understand the reasons why you were driven so deep into debt. You should try and take corrective actions that will ensure that spending never exceeds your income and that you can leverage debt while keeping your exposure under control.

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Portafina Champion The Need For More Awareness of Diabetes Portafina, a pensions company located in Kent, is paving the way in the efforts to bring more awareness of diabetes and raising money to help fund research into treatments.

Diabetes is a chronic illness that over four million people are thought to be affected by within the UK, and it is a subject that is close to home for Portafina’s managing director, Jamie Smith Thompson. Mr. Smith Thompson’s daughter has type one diabetes, so he knows only too well the effect it can have on a person’s everyday life. Passionate about the cause, Mr. Smith Thompson and the staff at Portafina have set up a series of fundraising events to raise money and awareness of diabetes, and are working alongside JDRF, the world’s leading charity funder of diabetes research.

Diabetes is a chronic condition that involves the body’s production of insulin, a key hormone that enables cells to use glucose as fuel. Type one diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not make any insulin or only small amounts. Type two diabetes is when the body does not use the insulin it does have in the proper way. Both types result in glucose being prevented from entering cells, so it builds up in the blood and causes a number of serious health issues if left unchecked.

Type one is the rarest form and typically begins in childhood. There are approximately 20,000 children under the age of fifteen who have type one diabetes in the UK. Type two usually occurs in adults, with those being overweight at a higher risk of developing the disease. Type two is mostly managed through diet and lifestyle choices, as well as medication.

JDRF is confident about the future of diabetes treatment and believes that better treatments can be developed and that a cure will be found. To reach that breakthrough though, more funding is needed.

Portafina staff have already raised over £1000, thanks to their Ride to Cure Diabetes 2018 cycling event, and donations can still be made through Portafina's Just Giving page. But now, they are asking for help from the wider community, and asking for anyone who is interested in helping to raise funds in any way to get in touch via Portafina's Facebook page or other social media accounts. You can also share the cause on your own social media pages, and help spread the word about this issue.

This is a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to be part of something great, and by working together, more funds will be raised to support research into diabetes.

Diabetes affects a person’s quality of life, both in the symptoms it presents and also the daily management and medications required in order to stay feeling well. The good news is that scientists are looking into new treatments, and we could only be a few steps away from finding a cure, making diabetes a disease of the past. So, join Portafina and JDRF to help to raise awareness and funding for this debilitating health issue.

For further info, please head to their Twitter (@Portafina UK), Portafina Linked In page or Portafina Youtube page.  

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The market will be always there tomorrow If you observe the trading style of other people, you will notice one common thing? Can you tell us what that common thing is? It is not the mistake because it is very common and it is a way of learning. If you are not doing mistakes it will only mean that you are not doing anything. The basic of Forex is learned through trial and error and mistake is expected to happen. The common thing that we want to talk about in this article is their hurry. They behave and place trades as if the industry is going to end tomorrow.

We know many false bluffs came out in the early years that the world is coming to end. It seems the predictions were wrong and we are still living and trading. It is hard to explain the behavior of people but whenever people focus on their trades, they become too serious and they get lost in the trading. The result is they place their trades like crazy people and lost all of their money. They do not know how to take some rest and again place the trades. This article will try to explain this behavior and tell you why this market will never extinct. It was there a hundred years ago and it will still be here. The only thing that is not certain is you, the traders will come and go but not the Forex.

You are the one who might not have the money to trade. This simple concept is not getting into the mind of the new Singaporean traders. They are always trying to place trade thinking this is the best trade they can ever take. Unless you can get yourself out from such paradox, you are not going to achieve your success. So train your mind and be a conservative trader in the Forex market.

The biggest industry will always be there

You may go extinct but Forex will not. It is the universal truth and accepts it. Thinking of the dinosaur and how they have banished? Fear not because it is protected by many authorities all over the world. As a Forex trader, you should always analyze the daily time frame data in your trading platform. You might be scalper yet it’s highly recommended to have a clear overview of the long-term trend. This simple practice will help you to execute a trade in favor of the market trend. You have to understand the simple concept of trend trading strategy. Play smart to survive in the biggest industry.

The winners never believe in luck

From our trading experience and years of time, we have noticed that the winners do it the most. Whenever they win some trades, they get a belief that they are having a good luck. It will soon run out and you need to place as much trades as possible within this time. It is like playing a game and you are having a good luck charm. Every try you make becomes successful and you kept taking on bigger risks until you lose it all. The only thing is there is no luck and all the winnings depend on your strategy and planning. The trend also plays a part but your luck has nothing to do with it.

The trend also plays a part but your luck has nothing to do with it.

This is the second explanation that can explain their behavior. People start trading with a goal and plan in their mind at the start but it changes when they deposit their money and place their trades on the live trend. They become hypnotized and they cannot wait for any moment to make their profit. They start taking big risks, they overtrade and they pass sleepless nights only to make their fortune in one moment.

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5 Ways UK Businesses Are Using Virtual Offices To Benefit Their Startup Business

Your startup really can benefit from a plan that allows businesses to establish an online format. This can mean wonders for your business in the UK because it eliminates the costs that go along with procuring office space. Furthermore, professionals in some of the UK’s larger cities no longer have to worry about paying exorbitant rents because the virtual office virtually eliminates the physical office.

Businesses are no longer confined to physical boundaries to establish themselves, and the startup is one example of how a tech-savvy world has moved physical reality into an online format. The virtual office can do this because all a person needs to manage a business online is a reliable connection, a device, and a plan for devising business infrastructure. Click on Servcorp London’s virtual office at to see exactly what is needed to run your office in this format.

Continue reading to find out how startups in the UK are using the virtual office to their benefit.

Avoid Complicated Leasing

One of the major benefits to UK business is that the virtual office has one the least complicated leases available today. For one, the length of these contracts are much shorter with some being month-to-month, and the deposits usually are only one month’s rent, making coming with startup costs easy. Because the leases are uncomplicated, businesses will find when relocating to another office space, that the transition is much smoother, especially if the serviced office provider has offices in other locations.

Manage Employees Effectively

Past versions of the virtual office were antiquated, and while supervisors could communicate with their employees, the ability to fully interact with employees in a timely manner was somewhat inhibited. Today’s virtual office software has made it possible for managers to fully engage employees, even being able to track their progress and communicate in real time. In fact, through online business management systems, companies can manage an online office effectively regardless of where the employee works.

Hiring Employees

Another place where the virtual office has helped startups is related to attracting and hiring talent. The virtual office, in many ways, has levelled the playing field where smaller companies can choose from a variety of candidates when hiring. As opposed to being confined to a geographical location, startups can now take advantage of scouting possible hires from around the world.

Furthermore, the virtual office has also changed the way small businesses hire people. In the past, most businesses outside of the guilds relied on part-time or full-time help. Today, cash-strapped startups can easily hire contract workers online for a simple job to avoid payroll costs associated with hiring full-time and part-time help in the UK.

Increase Productivity

Another added benefit for the startup business is that your employees are actually more productive when not confined to a specific office space. Productivity levels rise because your employees complete their work around their schedules if permitted. Moreover, the amount of money you spend in office space in comparison to the time your employees actually work with the virtual office is more cost-effective because when you do meet on-site your employees are actually at work.

Professional Image

Finally, unlike remote-working, your virtual office provides you with a phone number, a dedicated address, and office support. For many, these offices are located in some of the finest business districts in the UK, areas that would normally cost thousands to lease yearly. Ultimately, the virtual office can help you reduce overhead while providing your business with a professional image.

Begin Your Startup With A Virtual Office

The flexibility of the virtual office can provide your startup with the tools needed to manage an office online. With your virtual office, you can hire and manage employees, increase business productivity and project a professional image all on a dime. More significantly, this flexibility lends itself to allowing your business to expand or move around the globe with only an internet connection and a device.

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Guide to commercial property insurance The value of commercial property in the UK has grown by an average 3% a year since the turn of the millennium, according to a report in Finance Monthly on the 12th of February 2018. Commercial property investments currently total an estimated £486 billion and, if you want to expand your portfolio, 2018 may be just the year to do it, says Finance Monthly.

The figures help to underscore the considerable sums invested in commercial property. With that scale of investment, every single property needs to be adequately protected against loss or damage – and the means for securing that protection lie in commercial property insurance.

What it covers

So how does commercial property insurance safeguard your investment – what does it cover?

Building and contents insurance

  • the principal concern of any commercial property insurance, of course, is to safeguard the structure and fabric of the building, and its contents, against a wide range of risks – including flooding, fire, explosions, storm damage, impacts from vehicles or falling objects, theft and vandalism;
  • your tenants or leaseholders remain responsible for arranging their own insurance for the contents they own;

Public liability insurance

  • more than any other type of property, perhaps, commercial property is more than usually vulnerable to the liabilities that come with being the owner and landlord of the property;
  • commercial buildings are likely to attract more than the usual number of visitors and accommodate your tenants and their staff – if any one of these, a neighbour, or a member of the public is injured or has their property damaged through some connection with the property, you may be held liable and ordered to pay compensation;
  • those claims may be substantial – especially if injuries or even death are involved – so the public liability indemnity insurance typically incorporated in commercial property insurance is usually no less than £1 million and is frequently £5 million or more if the building is large or especially prestigious;

Compensation for loss of rental income

  • you are likely to have invested in commercial property not only for the expected capital appreciation of the asset but also the steady income from the rents you receive from tenants and leaseholders;
  • if a serious insured event leaves the property temporarily unusable, that rental income is forfeit, so commercial property insurance also typically provides for compensation for the loss of income;

Buying commercial property insurance

  • given the size of your investment and the potential for severe losses through damage to the building, your liabilities as the landlord or loss of rental income, there is a lot at stake in the commercial property insurance you arrange;
  • therefore, you might want to draw on the expertise and advice of a specialist broker to help identify your needs and requirements for suitable cover at a competitive price;
  • a specialist broker’s knowledge of this sector of the insurance market helps to ensure that you are offered the most competitively priced products and also comes to the fore in assessing and managing the risks to which your commercial property is exposed.

If you are considering an investment in commercial property or planning to expand or diversify your current investment portfolio, therefore, you need to consider the safeguards and protection offered by commercial property insurance.

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Is BYOD Beneficial for your Business Startup?  Despite a strained economic and geopolitical climate, UK-based SMEs continue to showcase almost indefatigable confidence. In fact, 65% of small and medium-sized firms in Britain predict growth of up to 40% during the next two years, against the uncertain backdrop of Brexit and a reported shortfall in available funding.

Much of this has to do with the technologies and opportunities now available to SMEs, many of which have the potential to minimise start-up and operational costs while also optimising growth potential.

Take the renowned concept of bring-your-own-device (BYOD), for example, through which entrepreneurs allow their employees to utilise their personal devices to complete core business tasks. But what are the benefits of this practice, and is it a viable option for your SME?

The Benefits of BYOD, and why They're Relevant to SMEs

One of the most compelling arguments for BYOD revolves around its natural advantages, which can be leveraged by SMEs to achieve a quicker and more cost-effective route to market.

In simple terms, deploying the principles of BYOD negates the need to invest in costly hardware such as smartphones, personal computers or PDAs, while it also transfers the cost of maintaining these devices directly to users. This taps into the increasingly prominent role that technology plans in the everyday lives of modern consumers and employees, with more than six million Brits now owning both a smartphone and a tablet in the modern age.

It's also possible to buy your phones smart for business use and identify ways in which users can make savings of their own, primarily by pairing a SIM-only contract with a carefully selected data plan to drive more cost-effective usage.

As a result, startups and burgeoning SMEs can invest more capital into strategic activities such as sales, marketing and operations, while contributing to a more efficient and agile business model.

At the same time, they can empower their staff members, studies have also found that in excess of 70% of firms believe that BYOD improves employee productivity and subsequent customer response times. This has much to do with the fact that your teams have the flexibility to use devices outside of traditional work hours and in a way that best suits their preferred modes of operation, creating a sense of empowerment that can drive businesses forward.

Implementing a BYOD Policy – The Key Considerations

While the benefits of implementing a BYOD policy are easy to see, the success of this depends on effective implementation and your ability to consider aspects such as data protection, wireless network security and financial implications. These include:

  • Access Rights and Data Security: The EU is set to unveil a revised data protection regulation later this month, in the form of the GDPR. UK firms will need to adhere for the foreseeable future, and from the perspective of BYOD it's important that firms can guarantee relevant network accessibility while also protecting sensitive information. To achieve this, you'll need to empower IT as an enabler, ensuring that data is stored securely while also accessible across a safeguarded, wireless network.
  • User Accountability: One of the risks associated with BYOD is that users themselves bear a heavy responsibility when it comes to the secure handling and transfer of data. So, while you must never lose sight of your own responsibility for the security of your businesses network and data (particularly as your firm grows and more devices are brought into the workplace) it's imperative that you also create a culture of individual accountability among your employees.
  • Financial Management: As more devices are integrated into your businesses network, you're likely to encounter a higher proportion of support issues. This can incur additional costs, so you'll need to adopt a proactive approach to managing and negating these. More specifically, you should implement a strict and clear policy for employees who are reporting issues, as you look to optimise efficiency and correct issues as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to employ BYOD into your SME is a personal one. With the right policy, however, there's no doubt that this can deliver huge benefits for your business in terms of cost, productivity and bottom line profitability. 

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Top Ways to Build a Loyal Customer Base One of the most critical aspects of sustaining a successful business is by building a loyal customer base. Whether your base is in the B2B or B2C sector, both types of client are necessary for you to operate as a business in your chosen industry. Although they are vital to company success, this area can be one of the most difficult to grow especially with the amount of competition nipping at your heels. Building a strong and loyal customer base takes time, patience and a strong will to push it in the right direction. Quality often means so much more than quantity when it comes to this area too, as you can have a database of millions but if only a few are interested in what you’re selling, it could spell disaster for your company.

So how do you build a loyal customer base and convince them to trust your products and services? Take a look at some of the ways to do just that.

Find your niche

Establishing a client base in your niche is paramount to business success. This might seem like you are narrowing the market too tightly, but why waste your efforts on people that will not have any interest in what you have to offer. Building a quality portfolio that responds to your brand is vital for getting these customers to come back time and time again. This stage can also be one of the most time consuming especially for small businesses that have little time to spare. To make life easier, using an email address finder can ensure you have targeted information while saving time during the contact stage.

Treat customers as people, not a statistic

In today’s buying culture, it is essential for customers to feel part of the process. Both B2B and B2C consumers want something personalized to their needs and if they cannot find that in your company, they will not think twice about going elsewhere. As most consumers purchase goods and services through recommendation, it is vital to have a good reputation amongst people to prosper in a competitive climate.

Get feedback to improve

Feedback is a vital part of how your business adapts to customer demands. If you don’t take it onboard, you may fall behind against competitors who are striving to improve and get ahead. Asking for feedback should be a part of your processes, and you should not be afraid of what might be disclosed. Negative feedback has its place and can help your business make adjustments to do better in the future.

Reward loyalty

Everyone likes a freebie, and it can often be a draw for new customers or clients that come on-board. Although this is a useful tactic in most cases, ensuring you don’t forget about your existing customers is vital to sustaining good relationships. There are many ways to reward loyalty including discounts, offers and special prices for returning visitors.

Building your customer base can be a daunting task but utilizing the above points will help get you started. Remember, without your customer, your business wouldn’t be thriving like it is today, so make sure to treat them fairly.

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Outsourcing vs. Buying Equipment for your Landscaping Business Starting any business requires a substantial amount of capital that could bankrupt you if the business is unable to break even in the allocated time. At times, you may have to make a spousal RRSP withdrawal to pay off your bills or just to survive and especially when you spend too much of your capital on assets.

Naturally, a new business will require basic assets.

  • Truck and Utility Trailer

Lawn mowing equipment is heavy and will need a truck to get it to its destination. Relying on rentals at all times may be a bit expensive for our company and so you may one to buy one that you will use for our personal errands as well as the business. The more important thing is to remember how to apportion the expenses when doing your accounting.

Of you have lots of equipment that needs hoisting and holding down in place, a trailer is a good idea as it has restraints that will keep the movable items in place. A new trailer will cost $1,500 and above while side rails and a ramp gate could go for $800 and above.

  • Mower

A mower is our most important equipment as almost every activity in grounds maintenance relies on it. The prices for mowers depend on brand and power among other things. If you have enough capital, buying these would be more beneficial to leasing them but that would also depend on usage.

  • Safety Gear and Other Gardening Tools

Leaf blowers, helmets, earmuffs, and work boots are a must have in the industry as you will be working with potentially dangerous plants. The noise goes was about 95bB and so it needs muffling. Most of these items are quite small and reasonably priced and so there would be no need to lease them.

Why Lease?

If you are only getting started, then you may not have the capital required to get in the business. The cost could easily add up to over $200,000 but there are companies out there specializing in leasing these equipment.

  • Cheaper

If you need several mowers per week and for a limited time, it would cost less to lease than to buy them only to store them when you don’t need them. Also, storage cost that most people hardly consider adds up and makes the cost of doing business higher than necessary.

  • Access to Quality Equipment

The higher the quality of the equipment, the more it costs and the better job it will do, presumably. Since technology keeps changing, you may prefer to just lease equipment that promises to give you great results as opposed to buy one that gets overtaken by new technology.

  • Maintenance is out

Since you don’t own the equipment, you are not mandated to maintain it. Your only responsibility is to ensure that it gets back to the sourcing company in good condition. You will also not need to worry about its security as long as the equipment is not in your premises.

Do your homework

Always do your homework before deciding what works best for you. Both small and large companies benefit from leasing especially with the ever-changing technology.

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Business 101: How To Reduce Startup Costs When you first start your construction business, you need to find a way to reduce the initial startup costs to maintain a steady, sturdy return on investment. Initially, there won’t be a hugely significant return on investment because you do, in this particular case, need to spend money to make money. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just freely spend money. As any businessperson knows, you need to be, after the initial startup phase, spending less than you earn. If you don’t do that, then all of that spent money turns into debt which you may not be able to pay off. And this, of course, derails your chance to create a thriving and successful business.

One of the most important things you need to do when starting your business is to consider the cost of materials that you will need to purchase. Also, you’ll need to be able to recycle them, reuse them, and reduce your need for them. Around twelve-percent of construction materials are wasted when they don’t need to be. There are many inexpensive ways of recycling materials which will lessen the costs of disposing of those old materials. With the help of strong planning, you can get a good idea of all that you will need. That way, you aren’t forced to either buy a bunch of new materials or dispose materials you can no longer use. Remember, though, there are a lot of materials that you can reuse, provided you store them properly. This is imperative to remember, and you will have to put a bit of extra money upfront to do this, but the rewards of doing so are hugely valuable.

Negotiate your contracts and make sure that you take the time to work with your suppliers to build a relationship with them. If you don’t do this, it just doesn’t work. Relationships are the key to maintaining and sustaining a successful construction business, and this will save you money on startup costs, as well as allowing you to continue saving money as you continue to run your business.

Make the tools you have cost-efficient. As I’m sure you already know, things like backhoes and trucks are not cheap. However, you can rent these from a rental company, like Flex Fleet. This will allow you to rent trucks to transport materials and employees to the site. Rent what you need for that project then return them when you’re done. It’s that simple.

New technologies can be a little expensive at first, but a big part of reducing your startup costs has to do with making sure that your dollars go as far as they can.  Invest in software that will allow you to manage your finances and business in a more efficient and streamlined manner. Even free cloud software is greatly beneficial.

If you do those things, you’ll reduce a lot of your startup costs and you’ll save a lot of money down the line as you continue to run your business!

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